Why It Is More Beneficial To Register a Business Name In TradingAs

For those who are planning to set up a business in Australia or those who are running an unregistered business, you should start planning for the registration now. Registering a business is not as stressful and tiresome as it used to be because of the fact that there is now a way to do the registration online. In fact, Australian entrepreneurs are quite lucky because aside from the ASIC site provided by the government, there is also another site where everything is made easy and simpler. This is the TradingAs. You need to pay more for this site though as the amount to be paid here is on top of the amount that you will pay to ASIC since it is a government provided site. However, compared to ASIC, TradingAs is a lot easier to maneuver and in fact, this can be done in just about 5 to 10 minutes.

Below are some of the most important reasons why TradingAs is better compared to ASIC:


– First of all, if you will register your business in TradingAs or if you will renew its registration, you can easily do so right away like there is no need for an account or to log in like hat is required in ASIC. Yes, with ASIC, you need to have your own account to use the site thus it will be a time consuming process.

– When everything is done, you will receive the certificate of registration in your email which will become a permanent fixture in your inbox and you will also receive one in pdf form where you can download and make a hard copy. This way, you can hang the proof of registration in your wall for your customers to see.

– TradingAs is a lot easier to use like there are no known bugs and no known usual errors which is not the case with ASIC. A lot of users in ASIC are complaining that they can hardly get through because of some bugs and sometimes, errors will just display in the screen. If your time is hectic like you can hardly find time to register your own business, situations like these can be tiresome. So, you should just register your business in TradingAs so that it will be done quickly and you can then attend to your other important errands. Need some advice? Get a business mentor!

– Simple terms are used in TradingAs but if by chance you still will not able to get some of the terms, there is a helpline that you can call. Just one thing though, this help line is available only during office hours though the site itself is available 24/7. The helpline is free of charge.

We all know that in business time is gold. But if you will register in TradingAs, your time will be well respected for as what is mentioned above, the registration will only last for about 5 to 10 minutes. So, you should check this site now.

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