Types of Pest Control Treatments

Termites, ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches and other small animals are threats to homes. When these creatures invade your hires, you would need the help of termite treatment Brisbane professionals. To make the right decision, it is necessary that you are well informed. Others think that the process is as simple as spraying chemicals around the house. However, there’s more to pest control than most people know.

There are different ways to treat pest infestation:

  • Mechanical pest control

This method means directly killing or removing pests. This is easy and quick fix. It can be a method used in eradicating smaller insect infestations that are limited to one area, as long as there is an access directly to the nesting grounds.

This is a popular method for small orchards and vegetable gardens. Certain beetle species, insects and birds can easily be killed or removed by this method. However, this is not the perfect solution for large-scale issues.

  • Biological options

This pest control method is highly recommended on larger scales like food production facilities and farms. The biological method consists of establishing a pest’s natural predators, pathogens or parasites. One example is bringing specific species of gecko in a place infested by insects. Geckos will eradicate the insects naturally, making you avoid synthetic or chemical methods.

The downside of this option is the impact it may bring to the environment. Bringing a foreign predator to the environment may cause consequences that you may not know, and in the long run, they may become pests themselves. This is a method that should be performed by professionals due to the need for thorough planning and assessment.

  • Chemical pesticides

One of the most known pest control methods is the chemical pesticides, especially for different types of insects and bugs. They are a synthetic compound that effectively inhibits and kills development of pests and made to target specific pests. They vary in strength and often times they are poisonous to other plants and organisms.

If you want to know what treatment to get, consult with pest control Hills District.