8 Types Of Window Treatments You Should Consider For Your Home

There’s an array of blinds, curtains, shades and other window treatments available in the market, but some types have features that may not be present in the others. We listed here the eight best window coverings with privacy and insulation control as well as designs suitable for residential use. Feel free to read on and choose which type best suits your home.

Roller Blinds

With its plain design that warms the eye, roller blinds are bound to complement just about any room. Its block out feature provides full privacy when completely shut down and allows you to enjoy the view when pulled up.

Screen Roller Blinds

Screen rollers are for homeowners who want to control the amount of sunlight or heat that passes through the window hole without blocking the view. It lets you have a full vision of the outdoor and limits the vision from the outside at day.

Duals (Roller and Sunscreen)

A combination of roller and sunscreen, it gives you extreme control over the insulation and privacy. What’s more, it’s stylish and can be personalised with your favourite colour to match your interiors.

Panel Glide

Got large windows or sliding doors of multiple panel widths? This one’s a versatile furnishing perfect for any window or door size. It’s also extremely easy to operate, thanks to its function that allows you to move it through wands and controls. With just one click, it will glide easily across the track and you’re good to go.

Roman Blinds

If you are going for a clean, sharp and structured style that fits any room in your house, Roman blinds are the way to go. With its classic simplicity, it’s perfect for homes with minimalist or modern designs.

Classic Roman Shade

For a room with a casual setting, install classic Roman shades and instantly lift the mood. You can completely personalise the design to complement your house’s theme or motif.

Zip Screen Awnings

Unlike traditional awnings that expose you to outdoor elements, zip screens protect you from sun, dust and insects when it’s closed. But unlike sunscreens that fit windows, this fits any patio, balcony, sliding doors or just about any outdoor area in your property.


If you’re after a window covering with a lighter fabric, curtains are the way to go. This treatment allows you to completely personalise the design and fabric to complement your interior decorations such as pillows, sofa and tablecloths.

These are just some of the window coverings that can go with any residential property. To see your full range of options, check curtains Ballarat for their wide array of treatments for sale. With over 25 years of experience, their staff can assist you in choosing which complements your home best.