Tips in Managing Employees in a Virtual Office

Setting up a virtual office is easy, but the hard part is managing your employees. It doesn’t mean that friction won’t develop just because they don’t see each other. Even if everyone is in a remote location, it’s important to manage them properly. Here are two tips on doing that:

  • Be Specific

In a virtual office, you’re working with different people from various cities or even countries, so it’s expected the time zones are different. Therefore, you must be specific when deadlines are due. For example, if you’re located in Sydney and the person you’re talking to is in Austria, then there’s a huge time difference. If you want something done by 7 PM Eastern time, you can’t just say 7 PM as they’re going to assume it’s 7 PM in their time zone. You must say 7 PM Eastern time, so they’ll know what time it is for them.

  • Establish Trust

For the company to work well, it’s important for everyone to trust each other. If your own employees don’t trust you, your company won’t last long. For your employees to trust you, you can do numerous things like paying them their salary on time and answering their questions correctly. You should know the right time to joke around. If they ask a serious question, you shouldn’t respond in a joking manner, or they might take it seriously.

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