The Mobile Coffee Vans Deliver Coffee Anywhere You Are

The mobile coffee van is an amazing business idea which started from the desire to offer people the possibility to savor a quality coffee wherever they are, not only in coffee shops.

So no matter if you are at your office, talking a walk in the park or during an event, the mobile coffee vans can reach you anywhere. These vans are fitted only with the necessary equipment, technology, and space because their primary purpose is to offer high-quality coffee.


You can hire such as mobile coffee van for your event: wedding, birthday, corporate event, charity, sporting or just a simple get-together. You will pay around $270 for 1-2 hours or minimum of 50 cups or $475 for 2-3 hours or minimum 100 cups.

Besides coffee these companies also offer other products such as sandwiches, cookies, wraps and rolls, muffins, banana bread, protein balls or chocolate. You can also buy energy drinks and stock bottled water.

A mobile coffee van offers cappuccino, latte, flat white, mocha, hot chocolate, macchiato, long black, espresso or cold drinks such as espresso kick, coffee frappe, mocha frappe, chocolate frappe, cocoa strawberry frappe or fruit smoothies.

A mobile coffee van will offer freshly roasted coffee to any event, served with perfection by well-trained baristas. The coffee carts are self-contained, eco-friendly and professionally manned by an experienced and certified barista. The mobile coffee companies can cater to any event, no matter how big it is: shop openings, exhibitions, seminars, product launches, training sessions, conferences, company promotions, and much more.

Coffee is a high desirable commodity with an estimate of 14 billion espresso coffees being consumed every year around the world. In Australia alone, almost 84,867 people work in the coffee industry, a fact that has led to odd coffee shops and mobile coffee vans. When it comes to mobile coffee, this idea has managed to become a successful business combining the world’s most popular beverage with something practical or offbeat.

How are the mobile coffee baristas trained?

To become a mobile coffee van barista, you have to undergo a training course which includes an insight into the world and history of coffee, learning how to make the perfect espresso extraction, how to foam milk for the perfect cappuccino, and how to texture milk. He/She also has to know how to use and maintain the coffee machines.

So instead of running the streets during the office break to get your preferred coffee, why not have the coffee come to you? Choose a mobile coffee company and agree with them the time and place where they should be each day. Simply get out of the building to the mobile coffee van, order your mocha and you have saved precious time that you can spend relaxing or do something else. No contract needed, no commitment to buy. Your colleagues will give in the temptation and will want to enjoy a fresh, hot coffee too for sure.