The Denarau Island

With all the beautiful islands located in the Republic of the Fiji Island, one should always remember the very beautiful Denarau Island. It’s one of the many private islands our Earth has provided Denarau island accommodation to. Located at the west of the main island of Viti Levu.

The Denarau island accommodation of the 18-hole golf course, right in the middle of the island is one of the most beautiful sights. Eiichi Motobashi is the one responsible for the design of this wonderful golf course. The Denarau Island has a bunch of attractions for everyone. It checks all the boxes to be on the list of ‘Must visit locations’. There are many international hotels to which Denarau Island has provided Denarau island accommodation to. The Denarau Island has 2 star hotels and even 5 star ones.

Now, whether you are someone who wants to take a vacation with your buddies or family. The Denarau Island is one of the best options even if you are on a tight budget. One can easily find accommodation between AU$200-700. Like I mentioned earlier, something for everyone.

The Denarau Island has many Marinas, which allows the 2.55 square kilometer private island not to get crowded at any time of the year. About ten kilometers west of Nadi International Airport is attached the Denarau Island via causeway.

There are not really many islands around the world which have everything for everyone. But there is no harm in saying that a trip to the Denarau Island is a must without a doubt. Why am I bragging about it? You will have to visit it to understand where I am really coming from. It’s an experience worth your time and money.

This is what you need to do right away. Open a new tab on your browser and type Denarau Island and click on pictures. In seconds, really in seconds, you will fall in love with the scenery. If you are one of those people who don’t go anywhere without reading the reviews. Go ahead do that too. Surely, you will be packing your bags halfway through the reviews. Just don’t forget to take your family and friends along. They would not want to miss any opportunity like this. Now, just in case you are worrying about whether an island like this has Wi-Fi. I can tell you that write now. Yes! It does.