Termite Inspection for Homeowners

Although it is highly advised that termite treatment should be performed by experts, an initial termite inspection is something that many homeowners have to do. Below are simple steps you can follow to determine if your home is infested:

Step 1. Prepare all your tools.

The basic termite inspection should involve finding evidence of a termite infestation just with your naked eye. Most of the time, this comes from debris that was left from the way the pests feed. A magnifying glass may not be required all the time, yet it can still be useful to have it available on hand. There are some appearances that can be deceiving—something you thought was a simple speck of dust can turn out to be something more disturbing.

Step 2. Examine the externals.

Termites gain entrance to your home by tunnelling their way in from the outside; therefore, starting termite inspection on the external walls is recommended. Use a handheld light to carefully check any holes that could be used by termites to access your home.

Give more attention to parts of your property or home that are adjacent to wood, and that may be intentional or unintentionally stored outside your house, as that is where termites preferably set up their homes. Check on any exposed wood that builds up the structure of the house, there could be termite infestations there.

You may be aware that some termites have wings, and they shed it when they locate a food source where they can burrow into. Check for any piles of wings that may be visible anywhere in the area of the house or property.

Step 3. Examine the internals.

Checking the inside of the house is next. Check on areas that can be easily seen. Start with solid wood. Although pests most of the time try to patch up the holes they created by eating through wood, their success rate is not always 100%. It is still best to check for any signs of holes. Piles of unexplainable sawdust anywhere in the house can also be a sign of infestation. Air bubbles underneath painted wood could be another.

After doing the inspection yourself and you see signals of infestation, call termite inspection Gold Coast to treat them right away. Do not wait for things to get worse before taking action.