Snow Cone Machine Hire: Party Game Changers

All parents want the best for their children that’s why when it comes to birthday parties, they go big. There are a lot of gimmicks to try, like the inflatable castles, gigantic balloons and of course, snow cone machine hire. People are talking about the snow cone machine because it’s refreshing, easy to setup and totally delicious. Kids can eat it without causing too much mess on the table.
So, what exactly is this machine about? How can you use it? To answer all your concerns, here’s a guide:

Safe operation

When you get snow cone machine hire at The Fun Team, you can be assured of its quality and performance. Once the apparatus is delivered to your home, you just need to wipe the container. After that, prepare the cube ice and some flavourful syrup.

Shoot enough amount of ice you need and turn on the machine. The metal blades will easily crush the solid ice and turn it into a shave ice. Once it is in the container, scoop the amount you need and pour the desired syrup. It’s totally safe to use but kids shouldn’t play with it. Ensure that the metal lid is closed before crushing the ice.

Cheaper alternative

People are getting obsessed with this equipment because it’s easy to use and cheap. Instead of serving cakes or other desserts on the party, a flavoured ice can be an affordable option. You just need to purchase flavours and you’re done. The ice and syrup are cheap compared to buying chocolate fountains or cupcakes.

A treat for all occasions

You can get party hire services for any types of occasions, whether birthday parties, debuts or weddings. This kind of dessert is refreshing and unique, that’s why guests can have a great time. Besides, who wouldn’t want soft shave ice? It’s perfect for events during summer, when the heat is unbearable.