Slushie Machine Hire Inclusions That You Are Not Aware Of

Looking for a slushie machine hire for your birthday, anniversary or any occasion or upcoming events? There are definitely a lot of slushie machine hire available to provide you the service you need, but do you know everything you can get out of your slushie machine hire? You may not.

There are inclusions on your slushie machine hire that you may not be aware of, thus it is just necessary that you know them, to ensure that you can maximize hiring the machine. See slushy machine hire Sydney

Free cups and straws

This is a freebie that you can always suggest to your provider. The number of cups and straws may depend on the package of your choice. If you need additional cups and straws, you can always ask, some providers can give you extra free cups and straws beside the package inclusion and some may ask for extra charge,


Yes, they can deliver the slushie machine hire for free depending on your location but may require extra or minimal fee if you are outside their free delivery area. You can always ask your provider if your location is included on their free delivery or how much they charge, they can always extend their free delivery locations, thus better negotiate. If you are just few kilometers away from the radius of their free delivery, then this they can consider.

Extra glasses of slushie drinks

This may not be offered or available to all slushie machine hire providers, but surely it is for some. You can always try to negotiate if they can give you free glasses of slushie drinks or if not, at least ask for discounts. This is a great idea and something that is worth to consider. An extra free glass of slushie drink is surely a great deal.

No need to clean the machines

Some may thought that they need to clean the machines before returning it. Surely, providers will not give you a hard time, you can return the machines uncleaned but you have to make sure that they are intact and free from any damages.

They surely will not require you to clean the machines, you can return it dirty, but you need to make sure though that there are damage free. You may be asked to pay few charges if they are returned with damages. It is necessary that one will keep whatever they hire well taken cared off.