Signs You Need a Roof Restoration

Your first defence from wind, rain, snow and extreme sunlight is your roof. It is one of the most important building components that we should pay attention. However, we only realised we need a roof restoration when it is too late. Most of the times, we only check it when something happens. To make sure that you won’t overlooked your roof problems.

Here are the signs and warnings you didn’t notice.

Roof Restoration

Roof Age

The life expectancy of roofs varies from 18- 25 years. But this depends on the type of roof you have. To make your roof healthy and safe, ask yourself what year did you installed your roof. From there, you don’t need to have doubts and hesitation that it needs a repair. If your roof has a greater age than what it should have, you need to look at it. This sign will tell you you’re in need of a roof restoration.


When you’re inspecting your roof, look for missing and broken shingles. As roof ages, the shingles become sag and loose. To avoid expensive solution, you need to check your roof regularly and call a handyman immediately when you notice something wrong on the shingles. You need to have it restored as these materials protect you from rain.

Check Inside

Generally, you need to check your roof from the inside of your home. Climb in the attic, and look for dark spots, wet leaks and sign soft light. Don’t wait for the water to leak before you climb up and make a roof observation. These warnings will give you clue that you need to call the experts to check your roof.

If you have all these signs, installing a new roof is not always the answer. With the proper people, you can make your roof good as new again. If you’re looking for an experienced and skilled roof restoration company in Brisbane, Evoke Roofing is here to help. Serving for 20 years, they know what are the problems and how to approach them easily. You can assure that they have the best services as they don’t take shortcuts in the coating and repairing your roof. They take pride in everything that they do and can assure you you’re in good hands.

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