Removing Tough Car Interior Stains

When driving a car, there’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a fresh clean seat. Spills and dirt do happen occasionally and we can’t deny that these things ruin the experience. Sticky car seats and foul odour can turn off other people, leaving you with a bad reputation. So, how do you remove tough stains and sanitise car’s interior? Here’s how:

1. Identify the Stain

This is the first step to effectively remove stains. If it’s caused by cosmetic products like lipstick or foundation, you better dab cotton balls with alcohol. Most makeup products contain oil and other chemicals which get oxidized in the open air. On the other hand, if it’s a liquid stain coming from coffee, tea or soda, immediately isolate the area to prevent contamination.

2. Products to use

Water and mild detergent can be the answer but take note of the material or fabric in the car seat as some shouldn’t be exposed to harsh chemicals. Research to see the appropriate solution for leather, polyester, wool, and vinyl.

3. Call the experts

If you’re not familiar with your vehicle, you should leave the work to professionals. Consider this as your investment because experimenting can lead to costly repairs. DIY cleaning can’t also remove tough stains and contamination because you don’t have access to heavy-duty materials.

Preferred Car Care should be your choice for intensive interior car cleaning Brisbane. They provide the specialist you need for all types of service including washing, detailing and polishing. Here are the benefits of a regular detailing service:

  • Excellent coating system- No need to worry about outside elements that can rust your vehicle.
  • Clean and pest-free seats- Deep clean seat is the secret to a pest-free car. Get cleaning service to wash away dirt and contamination.
  • Lasting car paint- Bring back the original shine of car instantly with detailing service.

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