Pros and Cons of Filing a Claim for Family Provision

After the death of a loved-one, one of the first things that families will be discussing is the distribution of assets and properties. The deceased may have prepared a last will and testament to make sure his/her loved ones are still well-provided for even after his/her passing.

In the event that the will and testament was not properly prepared and left out some close relations, the affected parties can file a claim for family provision.

Here are some of the pros and cons of making this move.


  •  The deceased may failed to arrange his estate before his passing. Thus, a claim for family provision will give you the chance to get whatever is fair or right for you.
  • By getting what is due, you are securing your well-being and the future of your children and dependents, if you have any.


  • There’s a perception that filing for this type of claim is selfish and greedy. It’s better to disclose this matter only to people whom you trust.
  • The passing of beloved is not something that one can easily or accept quickly. Add to that, you are also concerned about your security and needs. That is why claiming for a family provision can be emotionally draining. You need to be prepared and have the right kind of support.