Process of Liposuction

The process of liposuction involves the sucking of fat from diverse parts of the body. This type of surgery is generally done under anesthetic and is essentially for cosmetic purposes. While most people are of the view that the procedure is done for people who have fat or are obese, this is not the case. The thighs, the neckline, the stomach and the upper arms are areas of the body that are mostly treated using the procedure. Patients who go through with the process have a balanced body weight but would like to have deposits of fat that they consider undesirable in some area of their bodies removed.

What the Procedure Achieves

Liposuction is not a method for losing weight and definitely cannot treat obesity. The procedure will not get rid of cellulite or dimple or even stretch marks. The procedure is only undertaken for aesthetic purposes and is done for people looking to change and improve their body curves. The procedure removes fatty cells permanently and can enhance the shape of a person’s body. Once the fatty cells have been removed, it is imperative that the patient live a healthy lifestyle or there will be a recurrence of the cells. The procedure is however limited and cannot remove all the cells and there are surgical risks connected to the amount of fat that is eliminated.


The Drawbacks of the Procedure

Every form of surgery will have certain drawbacks and liposuction is no different. Patients can expect to bleed and go through irritation, irregularities in the skin, limpness and possibly infections. Nonetheless, these are drawbacks that can be corrected without having to go through any further procedures. The pain associated with the procedure is essentially minimal and depending on individual, the threshold and tolerance of pain can be high or low. To minimize risks, patients should select their surgeon wisely. An experienced and recognized surgeon will help improve the entire process.

Improvement in the Procedure

In recent times, the side effects connected to the procedure have decreased due to the advancement in technology. Tumescent liposuction is particularly noted for its improvement of the procedure. This is particularly because healing time has been minimized and there is a reduction in the bruising and bleeding that accompanied the procedure. Because of this development, the risks of side effects have been particularly lowered and the complications are fewer. Knowledge is very important before any surgical procedure despite the fact that surgeons have access to improved facilities and carry out much better procedures.

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