Order Super Food Online To Defeat Obesity And Malnutrition

Malnutrition is one of the main drivers of the global obesity epidemic. According to 2016 Global Nutrition Report, 44 percent of all countries are currently suffering “very serious levels” of obesity and under-nutrition. The report showed that hundreds of millions are overweight or obese because of high levels of sugar, salt or cholesterol in their blood as compared to the level of nutrition that our body needs. Here are two major reasons why many people get malnourished despite too much food consumption and why we need more super food online:

Healthy Foods

The nutritious value of food is deteriorating. To cope with the ever growing appetite, manufacturers produce the foods we find in groceries using substances that have less nutritious value. Refined flour, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), and trans fats are common ingredients that contain minimal healthy benefit. In fact, studies show that they are huge contributor diseases. For example, the sweetener HFCS is not supported by medical experts and nutritionists as its presence inside the body increase our calorie intake and risk for diabetes and inflammatory diseases such as gout.

Soil loses its nutrients. Pollution and overuse of soil by over planting by industrial farms. Naturally, a plot of soil can only yield a limited number of crops. But as demand for food increases, agriculturist uses various methods to maintain the supply of produce at the soil’s expense. As a result, our food gets less nutrition as needed.

According to health authorities, more than half of Australians 18 years and above are either overweight and obese. Aside from obesity, fewer nutrients in our body can cause a string of health problems, ranging from diabetes, heart diseases to many forms of cancer. Because of the rise or malnutrition, we need to consume more nutrition-rich foods in our daily diet. This health issue can be addressed by a proper diet of super foods. Thanks to modern technology we can now choose many kinds of superfood online.

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