Why Nostalgia Works Well with your Marketing Video

No matter how old you are, reminiscing happy moments from the past sometimes help as to be positive for a day. Which is why nostalgia is becoming more accepted. We’ve put more reasons why the use of nostalgia drives better brand engagement.

Appeals to Audience

Most companies choose people who were raised in the 80’s and 90’s. That’s because by appealing to the past generations, they can also influence the recent era. For example, a 30-year-old girl told her niece that she used to buy a certain product before and it’s effective. The younger one will use the product as well.


People love throwbacks and social media. If your video is filled with memories, they will immediately share it online.

Trigger Desire

Say you are shopping and you spotted a dress that reminds you of your childhood, without any plan, you’ll find yourself spending money just to purchase it. According to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research, people are more likely to spend money when they are feeling nostalgic.


In a study conducted by Dr. Constantine Sedikides at the University of Southampton, he found out that people are happier when they’re sharing old memories. If you incorporate nostalgia in your marketing videos, the audience will be sentimental and will check what you provide.

Product Ideas

If you have been in the business for quite years and you ran out of product idea, you can opt to nostalgic marketing. Think what are the products that you once offer.

If done correctly, nostalgia creates a positive effect on your business. So, if you are planning to incorporate it into your next video production, you better do it right. With the help of corporate video production Sydney, you can have nostalgic videos that will catch the interest of your audience. Visit their website for more details.