No Need to Fear the Emergency Dentist

It is a common belief that people are afraid of dentists especially the emergency dentist because of the pain they inflict upon their patients. You can put that theory to rest at Red Hill Dental because we make sure all our patients feel comfortable before, during and after getting treated by our dentists. If you are afraid then we are open to discussing what you are feeling in order to remove that feeling.

We guarantee a relaxing approach for the procedure as there will be relaxing music playing in the background that will make you feel at home. There will also be a Smart TV in the room so you won’t miss a second of your favourite shows while getting treated by our dentists. The environment of the clinic will also make you feel at ease and we guarantee you are going to believe us once you come here.

Guaranteed Pain-free Procedure

When our emergency dentist says you won’t feel any pain during the dental procedure, they mean it. We use anaesthetic medicine in order to make sure the patient will go through the procedure like nothing is happening. We even give you the freedom of choosing which anaesthetic medicine you would want to be applied to you.

We also don’t make use of any needles during the procedure as we make it a priority for our patients to feel comfortable during the entire procedure. We are aware the sight of needles alone would make patients panic so we make use of better alternatives. The devices we use actually look similar to a needle but it is actually far from it.

You will also get a pillow for your head before the procedure which will make you feel extra relaxed. You can’t blame yourself if you end up falling asleep during the procedure but it will end up being a blessing because it will be over once you wake up.

Kid-friendly Environment

For patients who choose to bring their children to Red Hill Dental, we have an activity room that is dedicated to keep them busy. We would not want them disrupting your dental procedure as they will be surprised at how fun it is to play in our activity room.

We have provided all kinds of toys that will make them hyper. They will enjoy it there so much that they would not want to go home after your procedure. There is also the option of playing with the other kids.

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