Long Shade Sails Building Experience

It would not be wise to underestimate our team of builders because we have been putting shade sails in houses and other places for over 12 years. There are a lot of things that can be learned from experience and these are the things that can’t be learned at seminars that teach how to install a shade sail. We are proud to say that we have encountered all the situations there is to encounter when dealing with a shade sail.

Shade Sails Installation

We certainly won’t associate ourselves with people who are not that experienced when it comes to building shade sails. We only associate with the very best as we take pride in giving quality service to our customers. If you have any questions about our options regarding sails then please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding this matter. We will do our best to answer your concern as long as it is related to the topic at hand.

Connect on Social Media

For the latest updates, you can also follow us on our Instagram and Google Plus accounts. We always update our social media accounts so you can be updated with our latest fabrics and new colours that are added to the roster. All our followers are legit as we take pride in honesty.

Preventing Heat Stroke

Our shade sails prevent the people living in the house from suffering from heat stroke. It may be something that rarely happens but it does happen especially when the temperature goes really up. Don’t risk yourself suffering from this sickness as it would be a big hassle if you have to be confined in the hospital.

First Class Service

Our mission is to provide you with service like you have never experienced before. We have well-trained staff who all know what they are doing when it comes to installing Brisbane shade sails. They are also approachable so if you want to ask them any questions on the spot, feel free to do so. They would be more than happy to explain to you what they are doing. They know you are their boss so they won’t decline any of your requests.

Council Certified

Our team of capable engineers will be more than happy to design a shade sail that will suit your taste. It will even be council certified if you require them to. We also make sure it adheres to all the local standards.