Things to Do to Prevent Blocked Sewer Pipe

Sometimes, we only pay attention to the plumbing system when it’s acting up. If the water pressure has changed or the drain becomes slow, that’s the time we inspect the water system. However, this isn’t a good practice since maintenance can extend the life of components. If you want to prevent blocked sewer pipe, make sure to do the following:

  • Prevent disposing solid foods on the sink

Most of us are guilty of washing away food debris on the sink. This practice isn’t good for the plumbing system because all these foods can accumulate and block the flow of water. The best way to do is clear out everything before putting the kitchenware in the sink.

It would also help to wipe the greasy oil using a paper towel as it can cause a problem in your sewer pipe. After you fry some meat, don’t forget to wipe the pan or casserole to get the remaining oil.

  • Don’t flush foreign items on the toilet

It’s tempting to throw the tissue paper down the toilet. But this practice can cause clogging. Disposing of condoms, buttons and soap must be put to stop because these can block the water.

Purchase a garbage can and place it on the toilet so everyone has no excuse of disposing of different items on the sink or toilet.

  • Clean the area near the drainage system

This area must be clean regularly, away from any plants or trees. The roots of the tree can grow into pipes which cause it to break over time. When this happens, you can experience an increase in the utility bills as there is a leakage. Therefore, constantly check the drainage system to prevent clogged sewer pipe.

  • Perform maintenance at least once a year

The easiest way to prevent issues in the water system is to hire experts for maintenance. You can contact Sydney Basin Plumbing for affordable maintenance for your blocked sewer pipe in Sydney.