The History Of Subic Bay

Subic located in Olongapo City, is one of the top destinations for surfers and tourists, thanks to its great beaches and world class facilities. However, before it became famous as a vacation spot, the place first serves as a naval base, making the place rich in history. Below are more details:

Early History

The area’s first inhabitants were the Aetas. Back then, they are proven to live in the city before they were pushed to stay in the mountains. They use arrowheads, pottery, and bamboo strips to start a fire and catch their food. Until today, you can see the Negritoes on the island and some even serve as a tourist guide and teach basic jungle survival tips.

Spanish Settlement

A new chapter in the area’s history was introduced after the Spaniards settled in the area. In 1542, a Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo first visited the Bay and see the place’s potential as a naval base. However, it was not actually used until 1800’s. This is because the Spanish fleet was using Cavite, Manila as their port.

American Settlement

After the Spanish- American war, the U.S. troops also see Subic Bay’s as a possible base. However, it was only in 1903 when former President Theodore Roosevelt issued that Subic is an American military reservation. Almost 70,000 acres or nearly 50% of the land became part of the military area. It was in 1992 when the Subic Bay Naval Facility was officially turned over to Philippine’s Government after the Senate rejected the proposed extension of the treaty.

Initial Development

The rehabilitation and the modernisation of the place were undertaken in 1994. The government decided to convert it to a commercial international airport. Now, Subic Bay is completely different from what it used to be.

Aside from the History of Subic Bay, the place gains popularity because of its’ amenities ranging from beaches to jungle activities. You can visit our website to know more.