Guide To Maintain Concrete Floors

Using concrete as a material for flooring is a wise choice. Marble, granite and other materials extracted from the earth for concrete floors showcase a classy and stylish look that provide a lasting appeal. Concrete flooring has many benefits. For one, it is durable. Just look at the towering buildings of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. The materials used in building them were able to withstand wear and tear for thousands of years.

Aside from its longevity, this type of flooring boasts many benefits. Apart from its longevity, it is also sustainable and economical. Concrete flooring can last for years with very minimal replacement job. The natural form and beauty of concrete also change minimally. With just a few maintenance procedures such as using a concrete grinder and other equipment, you can retain is original form and glamour. These qualities of concrete make this flooring type economical and low in maintenance.

But despite this requiring very little maintenance, it is still prone to deterioration. From time to time, you need a floor polisher and equipment to make its pristine beauty last longer. Here are the steps to give your concrete floors a lovely shiny surface:

Sweep the dirt. Using a broom, sweep away dirt and debris, then gather them using dustpan or vacuum cleaner.

Mopping using a mild detergent. Add mild detergent to a bucket of water. Mopping the surface using this mixture to clear any remaining dirt and mild stains. Dry the floor before you begin polishing.

Polish using professional equipment. From time to time, you need flooring solutions professionals to use the concrete grinder in polishing your floor. Besides giving your floor a clear, shiny surface, this equipment will also level uneven and coarse surface. Depending on the need, these professionals may also apply epoxy or polyurethane coatings to preserve your floor’s shiny surface.

For regular maintenance, sweeping and mopping may be enough. But to achieve a shiny finish, you need the services of reputable flooring installation and maintenance companies with years of experience. Such as Armstrong Floors. The company uses the latest brands of computerised concrete grinders like HTC and Husqvarna to make sure your flooring will look the best. Armstrong Floors also provide additional services, including epoxy, glue and paint removal to give your floors spotless finish.

Houses and commercial buildings with concrete floors are expected to last. But their aesthetic appeal may wane as years pass by. You need to schedule regular maintenance activities such as having concrete grinder Melbourne to make sure the quality of your flooring is preserved.