Food Trip

Food Choices on Holidays and Vacations

Food is a staple as well as a gourmand’s delight, so much so that people, called “foodies,” take specially-designed trips that center around cuisine. Indeed, taking a cultural trip that centers around a country’s or place’s food is a memorable and satisfying experience for one’s taste buds.

Jordanian Food

You can find one of a number of these kinds of experiences, regardless of where you travel in the world. For example, take a trip to Jordan and you will find one-of-a-kind cuisine in the form of mezze or falafel sandwiches, as well as steaming fava beans. Crowds in the area often descend on shawarma dens where wraps of grilled lamb or chicken are slathered in a sauce of tahini, made from sesame seed. You often see people sipping juice too, squeezed from sugar cane bundles outside of cramped kiosks.

Experiencing the Locals’ Cuisine

Indeed, you can make a vacation or holiday out of sampling various cultural cuisines. Even in the traffic-clogged lanes of various locales, the clamor of city life is frequently punctuated by enticing scents and aromas. The food smells drift languorously from small apartments and cafes while vendors in some locations feature market foods, such as seasonal vegetables, breads, and locally-made treats.

Take a Cooking Lesson While Traveling

If you so choose, you can even take trips where you can participate in a cooking lesson where you prepare the region’s cuisine. Afterward, foodies are rewarded for their culinary labors by getting to eat what they have made.


Delightful Asian Fare

If you visit a place like Hong Kong, you won’t want to miss sampling the street fare. The city is home to food enclaves that feature family-run restaurants. Prepare your taste buds for delight as you can regularly fill up on both savory and sweet entrees and treats.

What makes sampling the food all the more enthralling is the fact that you can also experience some of Hong Kong’s top area attractions. See a panoramic skyline from the top of the city’s Victoria Peak or take a quick dash around the local marketplace. Also, enjoy some Hong Kong fare while visiting the old-fashioned sampan boats in the village of Aberdeen.

cebu lechon
Cebu Lechon and Pusó

Enjoying French Cheeses and Foods on a Cycling Holiday

If you enjoy cycling and gastronomical activities, then you can combine the two pursuits by cycling in France and savoring some of the hundreds of cheeses that are offered to connoisseurs of fine cuisine. This type of trip is made especially for any food lover and wine aficionado.

Explore the charming countryside by bike, pedaling through sleepy villages while indulging in some of the finest food on this side of the Atlantic. Gastronomic cycling trips are great ways for foodies to enjoy food and burn calories at the same time.

Wherever you go in the world, you can better understand that local culture by eating what the locals eat. Open up you culinary experiences by planning a food vacation or holiday. Just make sure you have other activities planned in order to burn away the extra calories!