EWP Training – Always Stay Safe

They say better safe than sorry, and I think the Australian laws and regulations really mean that. Before, you get to work in any high risk job, you have to undergo EWP training in Sunshine Coast and attain a EWP ticket or license. EWP stands for Elevated Work Platforms representing jobs that have workers exposed to hazards that could cause harm or even worse death. Here at Emerald Training, we offer professional training to clients and issue licenses that are recognized country wide. The training is expected to enlighten you on the hazards you will be exposed to at your place of work and how you can help reduce or prevent them. Our dedicated team of professionals is certified to offer EWP training; therefore you can expect to learn a lot from them. So what are the hazards and how can you control them?

  • Electricity lines

For example, when working with the boom-type lift, you will be elevated high above the ground, exposing you to electric shock from power lines. To help control and prevent such accidents from happening, you should have the power supply disconnected for the period you will be working there. You can also clearly mark the areas that have power lines and try to avoid them.

  • Falling off

This should probably be the first hazard associated with EWP. To prevent this from happening, you should never try to get off a lift when it is elevated, and when on the lift, always try to stand at the center, no need for stunts or anything that could put you at risk. When working on an elevated platform, always have a supervisor from the ground who will guide you. Accidents like this are sometimes avoidable.

  • Poor weather conditions

Never work when it is raining; you could be exposed to lightning which is very dangerous. Always remember you are elevated and probably way higher than anything or anyone else in the area. When it is raining, the ground could get wet and slippery, which can be very risky. These are risks that can be avoided.

These are just common hazards that can be expected when working in a EWP industry, and therefore you should learn to prevent them to be safer. With the training company you will learn more about working in a high risk environment and how can stay safe. Our offices are in Brisbane but we serve the whole country, with an aim of ensuring all employees no matter the environment they are working in, always stay safe. Give us a call today and you can start your EWP training immediately.