Defying Gender Roles: Bringing out the Good Doctor in You

In history of medicine, male doctors have dominated the field of medicine leaving patients no choice. Having female doctors is scarce because of the fact that education for women is a privilege and not a right. In addition, stepping into the medical filed and can take a lot of courage because the world in its early years was run by males alone. But because of the many movements and fight for equality, women advanced in many industries and the number of female doctors began to increase significantly. As evidenced now, the field of medicine is becoming diverse that not only men are seen wearing white coats, but also women.

In certain studies conducted about gender roles, it was discovered that the effect of gender differences in the medical field is in fact significant. Hence, male and female doctors provide healthcare quite differently from each other. According to majority of the data, female doctors tend to score higher on care and quality as they show greater degree of empathy and comfort. Male doctors on the other hand are less empathic and more objective dealing less with emotions and feelings. However they excel in providing treatments efficiently and effectively. But, not everyone manifests this norm. There are males who are in fact more empathic than females, and there are females who are less caring than males. In which case, it is important to note that regardless of gender, you can bring out the good doctor in you. Here are three tips in providing optimum healthcare to your patients.

Listen To Your Patient

Without further investigating and requesting for imaging studies, it was shown that correct diagnosis can be made by just listening actively. Listening to details and knowing your patient better can get you to treating your patiently effectively. Also, as much as possible, entertain your patient even through phone calls or text messages. Maintaining good communication will tell your patient that you are not neglecting her condition in any way.

Partner With You Patient

Treating your patient in a different can strengthen your relationship all throughout the treatment. In this way, you gain the trust of your patient, and he/she may not feel disconnected from you. Make sure that you empower and involve the patient in every step of the healthcare process. Your patient would then find it comfortable to open up to you and will follow your instructions obediently.

Learn to Accept Your Weaknesses

As a doctor, admit that you have limitations and weaknesses in the different fields of medicine. Refer your patient to other specialists if needed and orient your patient about the medical procedures you are about to do. Be humble enough in admitting the things you know and the things you do not know.

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