Choosing the Right Awnings for Your Home

Make your awnings work to your advantage and purpose by considering the following factors. We hope these pieces of advice can help you achieve exactly what you are looking for installing an awning:


For your awnings, you better start with fabric choices. It is best to choose patterns and colours that reflect your home style, especially of your interior design to give a visual continuity upon entry.


Starting with choosing the right colour, it is best to look for a fabric colour that best complements the architectural style of your house. For traditional architecture, using colours like navy, neutrals or forest green or any traditional colours per se, is recommended. Cottage style and colonial homes are best paired with stripes. If your home is stucco-sided or south-western style, colours of salmon, beige or stripes and terra cotta solids are few of your best options.

For contemporary homes, use unanticipated contrast or bright colours. For traditional homes, edging and scalloped valances are a smart choice. Simple designs and fabrics are perfect for more modern homes.


Patterns should be proportional to the size of your awning and structure, like for stripes, where smaller stripes do not fit large expanse of fabric and same with larger sized stripes that do not match a small home ranch style.


Coordinate both binding trim and awning fabrics with exterior colours, such as trim colour, primary paint colour and/or shingles. Selecting the valance binding to match the masses of colour in a garden nearby can offer creative and subtle continuity between your landscape and home.

Energy Efficiency

If you are installing awnings for the purpose of heat reduction, choosing light colours is highly recommended. Contact Sydney awnings services so you can keep your room or home out of direct sunlight, allowing you to switch your air conditioning off even during extreme heat weather condition.