Tips To Create The Perfect Cook Island Holiday

Cheap Cook Island holidays is much different than most other holiday areas. The people are really friendly, and there are not that many people who take a Cook Island holiday. While many people are overlooking a Cook Island holiday, a holiday on the Cook Islands can be a great change from the normal, rushed holiday. Here are some tips to create your prefect Cook Island holiday.

  • Self-contained or Semi-self-contained accommodations

Like many of the tropical islands that are in the South Pacific, the Cook Islands can become quite pricey. The best tip to save money is to look and see if you can book self-contained accommodations. This style of accommodations gives you the freedom to cook your own meals and eat in. Many times, self-contained accommodations are a house, or a condo that is rented out, so they are almost a home away from home. Try to get a unit with a full kitchen, if you are planning to cook some meals to save money.

  • Stay Central

Transportation on the Cook Islands can be a pain. However, if you pick somewhere central, you don’t have to worry about the extra cost to rent a car. Walking is one the best methods to move around the islands, so make sure that you think about how far you are willing to walk before booking your accommodations.

  • Pack your own food

The Cook Islands do import a lot of the food that is available on the island from Auckland, which kind of makes it like a mini New Zealand. While this can seem cute, it means that the food options will be pricey and limited. If you are planning to visit the Cook Islands, you may want to pack some easy to travel with foods like snacks, breads, and cereals, if you are not planning to eat out at every mealtime. If you are planning on eating-out for most of the trip, there are many options. Sea food is very common on the Cook Islands, so enjoy.

  • The Local Markets

The best places to find well-priced items is at the local markets. The most popular being the Te Punaga Nui Markets that are held on Saturday mornings. This market has everything from local fish and other local foods, to touristy goods that you are going to want to take home. There are also night markets where you can find cheap cuisine, and local music. Each market will be different and offer different items for you to buy. Markets are also a great place to experience the local culture and meet the people of the island.

The Best Accommodation When You Are In Montville, Australia

Are you planning to visit Montville, Australia for the first time? Well good for you as not all people who wants to go to this place can find enough time to do so. Whether the reason for your travel is purely for pleasure or for business, be sure to really make the most of it as this place has a lot to offer. Be sure that you get to experience all the things worth experiencing in this city so that you can have the time of your life even if it will just be for a week. Montville, Australia is one of the most interesting places anyone can check thus there is a good chance there are also other people like you who are destined to this place on the same time you do. This is why, to make sure that you won’t end up on the streets, check out some accommodations first and book for it.

There are a number of commendable accommodations in Montville, Australia and if you need some tips on what to look for, you can check out below:

– Nowadays, there are already different types of accommodations though wherever you are, hotels are still the most popular ones though they are also the most expensive. However, their rates are just fair to the luxury they provide. Thus if you have the means, then why not live in one of the hotels there! You can easily find hotels and even book for one online.


– However, if you are staying for more than a week and you are with your family or your partner, you can stay in holiday apartments. In fact, there are now holiday apartments in romantic atmosphere like their units are on top of the tree even! For sure your partner would love such experience. The good thing with holiday apartments is they are really affordable and the most appropriate if you want this to be your second honeymoon because you will then have more privacy.

The unit is well equipped like you are just living in your own home. You can cook your own food and can do your own laundry. And again, you have a number of options when it comes to them like the locations and all. You can also shop for one online and do the booking as well.

– If your budget is really tight and you are travelling alone or still with your partner, you can also stay in a hostel or what they call “bed and breakfast”. In here, they have rooms for couples, for singles, and even shared bed spaces for males and females and they also have rooms for all female and all male only. This is by far the most affordable type of accommodations and there are a number of them all over the world as well.

So these are your options when looking for an accommodation in Montville, Australia. Booking online should give you a more comfortable time since you can just do it inside your own room.

Heartland Hotel Auckland

Extremely Busy like an Airport in Peak Hour …

I chose Heartland mainly for convenience, as we had an early morning flight out of Auckland.    Either the swarms of people that seemed familiar with one another, like a workplace group or team were also doing the same, or they had a conference right there at the hotel.

Although the Lobby-Reception-Bar (all rolled into one) was very busy, it was still a pleasant and mostly a friendly atmosphere.    At least one big group I am sure were New Zealanders, and there was also groups of Chinese checking-in with massive amounts of luggage.    The reception/check-in was extremely efficient, checking them in quickly and clearing the lobby of groups like 15 each in as many minutes.

Most of the staff of this hotel are Indians. They are very nice and efficient people, only when in New Zealand I want to feel like I am in New Zealand.  But like a lot of  places in Auckland these days, I wasn’t sure if it felt much more like India or China.   I think almost every staff I saw was Indian, oh and a couple of very pleasant and helpful NZ Maori ladies.


I paid almost $300 NZD for a very basic room for one night.   I do understand the supply-and-demand price structure, and I think I was paying the full rack rate because of the high demand we could see.  I don’t know if the hotel is always this busy.

As the room was very simple and (and as I am an apparent hotel expert) I would quote the room it at a fair rate of between $180 and $220NZD.    I think hotels in this range should not have us shower over a skinny bath tub with a curtain.   I think that sad act should remain exclusive for hotels under $140.  There was parking without extra charge that I think is fair.    The restaurant served nice and fairly priced and drinks too.

The Experience overall was okay, but next time I need a hotel at the Auckland Airport with Heartland at $300, I would rather pay probably not much more and go to the Novotel.

Of course being a Level 6 Contributor with an overwhelming number of ‘Helpful’ votes (Now called Thumb’s up) …you might imagine I put a lot of time into helping fellow travellers by writing detailed and honest reviews.    I get No rewards, No discounted accommodation, No points…  nothing, just a mouse click from you.    So if anything in the review is useful please let me know by clicking me a ‘Thumbs Up to keep me going’…. thanks!


The Right Reasons To Choose Staying In A Hostel

Nowadays, you can already get a vacation without that much budget. Yes that is right as there are now more options in almost everything. Like for example when it comes to the accommodations, instead of the usual hotels, you can also choose to stay in a hostel in which is a lot more affordable but comfortable. Well, of course it is not as comfortable as a hotel but then again, when you’re in a vacation, you don’t really just stay in your rented accommodation all the time but you are usually out. So, what’s the point of paying expensive rooms when you only get to use it during night time. Instead, you can just stay in a hostel and use your money intended for an expensive hotel in other matters. When you are in a vacation, there will be so many things to spend your money to.

Here are some good reasons to stay in a hostel instead:

– There are already so many hostels in almost all areas in the city now like you can even find a good one in the middle of the city. You can save a lot of money in them especially if you are in a solo flight as you can just have the shared dormitory accommodation. This means you will be staying with other tenants in a room.

– But it does not mean that all hostels can offer are shared rooms. They also have private rooms and in fact, if you are with your entire family, you should choose it instead. Well, even if you are alone and you are not comfortable with a shared room, you can still rent a single room that is just good for one. It is still more affordable compared to a single room in a typical hotel.

– The good thing with hostels though is you need not go out and spend a lot of money to have fun like check out some bars and so on as in a hostel alone, you can already have fun with the other tenants. Most of the time, managements hostels will organize some events that will be free for every tenant to be a part of. It will be college all over again since you get to meet some new friends and the good thing about it is they are from different countries. You will certainly be able to learn their culture and at the same time, get to share your own as well.

– There are even hostels that offer better amenities compared to some hotels like free wifi and so on. So, it goes without saying that there is no reason not to choose staying in a hostel if there is one that is convenient to where you are planning to spend most of your vacation.

Why would one choose to stay in a very expensive hotel when there are hostels that are already comfortable and with the amenities you will enjoy! Choose the hostel accommodation in Sydney over hotels when you are in tight budget.

Hotel Accommodation – Why You Should Book a Room Ahead of Time

Traveling with your friends, family and special someone is really a great escape from the reality. Of course, all of us want to have fun once in a while. And by this we mean watching your favourite sports or concerts of your favourite artist live. If you are not from Sydney, this comes with extra hassle since you will need some relaxation after a night of cheering and screaming.

Book before your travel trip because sometimes even though there are different hotels, motels and other room accommodation around the famous Sydney Arena and other Sydney Olympic Park, they get easily fully booked especially when there is a big event. This is the primary reason why you better book your accommodation ahead of time—to avoid struggles in finding an accommodation.

There are diverse types of room accommodation around the Sydney Arena and Sydney Olympic Park. Because of the high demand, their rates are higher compared to the room accommodations that are way far from the famous landmark. Therefore, it is better for you to book ahead of time to have more options because you might get the expensive one or you will get nothing.

There are hotels close to Olympic Park Sydney that accommodate exactly what you need for couples, travel duo, group of friends or a family. They assure you that every room you get will give you the relaxation you will need. The importance of getting booked before and after watching is that you do not need to rush in traveling as you are near to the stadiums.

With these ends, we can always say that getting a room accommodation near the famous places in Sydney can be a tremendous help.

You can always check the internet to find the perfect room accommodations if you are looking for a cheap room accommodation but still near the famous stadiums of Sydney.

Learning About Nature By Diving With A Whale Shark

The world is a big place and the majority of it is covered in water. This is why when you’re looking for a new adventure, it’s only natural that you would consider getting off of land and into the ocean to do something different. One of the great ways you can get out there and do something different is to get involved with diving with Ningaloo reef Whale Shark. This will allow you to get into the water and learn about the ecology of the ocean, about whale sharks themselves and our effect on the ocean. The more in touch you get with nature and the outdoors, the easier it will be for you to appreciate what it is you have in your life.

Learn about the Ecology of the Ocean

The ocean is comprised of several different species of life. Everything from plants to animals are living in the ocean at any given time. One of the best ways to see this for yourself is to go diving with a Whale Shark. You will be able to see and interact with the ecology of the ocean. While on the boat, you can talk with the people who are on the ocean all the time to learn more about the ocean and everything it takes to maintain the ocean as a healthy ecosystem. You will see how even the animals that eat other animals are a bigger part of life and necessary to maintain the ecosystem.

Get to Know Whale Sharks

As one of the larger sharks in the ocean, whale sharks are a very necessary part of the ecosystem for the ocean. Getting to know more about these sharks is part of what you will do while you’re on the boat when you go diving with a Whale Shark. This way, you will know about the shark itself as well as what you will need to do while you’re in the water when you come into contact with them. Pay attention to everything you learn while you’re on the boat rental, because communication is not as easy when you’re in the water. Only some of the more expensive diving tours will include communication devices. Other than that, you’re restricted to hand signals and written boards.

Discover Our Effect on the Ocean

As you go diving with a Whale Shark, you will start to see just what kind of effect we have on the ocean and the delicate ecosystem that exists under the water. You will see how fishing as well as our waste has had an effect on the plants and animals beneath the water. This will give you some insight into what you can do differently in your own life, so you will be able to have a positive impact on the ocean and all the species of life that call the ocean home.