Kamana Sanctuary Beach Resort and Spa: Why Take a Vacation Here

Whether you want to rejuvenate and enjoy the shore or experience adventure, Subic Bay has it all for you. Aside from their beaches and outdoor activities, the island also has a lot of hotels where you can comfortably stay in. The best hotel to book? Kamana Sanctuary Beach Resort and Spa. Here are the reasons why to stay at this inn and explore the city:

A Variety of Rooms

If you want to stay in a room with a picturesque backdrop that’s packed with good fixtures, like air conditioning system and Wi-fi access, Kamana Sanctuary Beach Resort and Spa might be the place to go. There are a lot of rooms you can choose from, so you won’t have a hard time to pick. Aside from the well-designed lodgings, there are also banquet venues where you can hold a meeting or talk to your business clients.


You can go to Kamana Sanctuary Beach Resort and Spa without breaking a sweat. This is because the hotel is accessible and near the airport. You can go back to Manila, the country’s capital for just 1 to 2 hours. This inn is also located near the beach, so you can swim and try water sports without spending a lot of time travelling.

Indoor Relaxation Options

After a long travel, there’s nothing more relaxing than staying in the room and getting all the things, you need. As you know, the area has a lot of indoor pools and spas where you can relax. Even if you don’t go outside, you can still enjoy the things Subic Bay boasts.

It’s no doubt that Subic Bay is one of the most stunning beaches islands to visit. So, whether you want to get married in this majestic place or just want to rejuvenate, Kamana Sanctuary hotel got you covered. Visit their website to learn more about their rates.

The History Of Subic Bay

Subic located in Olongapo City, is one of the top destinations for surfers and tourists, thanks to its great beaches and world class facilities. However, before it became famous as a vacation spot, the place first serves as a naval base, making the place rich in history. Below are more details:

Early History

The area’s first inhabitants were the Aetas. Back then, they are proven to live in the city before they were pushed to stay in the mountains. They use arrowheads, pottery, and bamboo strips to start a fire and catch their food. Until today, you can see the Negritoes on the island and some even serve as a tourist guide and teach basic jungle survival tips.

Spanish Settlement

A new chapter in the area’s history was introduced after the Spaniards settled in the area. In 1542, a Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo first visited the Bay and see the place’s potential as a naval base. However, it was not actually used until 1800’s. This is because the Spanish fleet was using Cavite, Manila as their port.

American Settlement

After the Spanish- American war, the U.S. troops also see Subic Bay’s as a possible base. However, it was only in 1903 when former President Theodore Roosevelt issued that Subic is an American military reservation. Almost 70,000 acres or nearly 50% of the land became part of the military area. It was in 1992 when the Subic Bay Naval Facility was officially turned over to Philippine’s Government after the Senate rejected the proposed extension of the treaty.

Initial Development

The rehabilitation and the modernisation of the place were undertaken in 1994. The government decided to convert it to a commercial international airport. Now, Subic Bay is completely different from what it used to be.

Aside from the History of Subic Bay, the place gains popularity because of its’ amenities ranging from beaches to jungle activities. You can visit our website to know more.

The Benefits Of Camper Trailer Hire

Though it is a good idea to have a camper trailer on your own, you must first ask yourself if buying this will be a worthy investment for your family. If you won’t be using the camper trailer every weekend and will just be parked in your garage most of the time, then maybe it’s not the best choice. What you should do is to hire a travel trailer first. Here are the reasons why:

1) If you are not that financially well, and you just need to apply for a loan to get your own trailer, you need to know that a large part of your earnings will only go to the monthly amortisation. This means that you need to cut up some expenses just to purchase this. If you are not prepared for this scenario, opt for a trailer hire online instead.

2) If you will buy a camper trailer, you need to prepare yourself for the annual registration, insurance, maintenance and repairs. That could be a lot for you to handle especially if you are running a business or working. However, if you will opt for the camper trailer hire, you don’t have to think of those. The only worrying you need to do is thinking where your next trip is.

3) Do you have enough parking space for your travel trailer? It will require a huge amount of space for storage. If you do not have space, then you can rent a garage, but that is an additional cost on your monthly budget, right? So instead of buying, why don’t you hire instead? It is more practical in terms of space and expenses.

If you love going outdoors, you don’t need to push yourself buying a camper trailer when you know you can’t. You can enjoy your trip by hiring a camper trailer from Sydney.

Australia’s Best Camping Spots

Camping trip offers growth not just for our children but for us as well. At camping spots, we can have fun and appreciate the nature. We can also do plenty of activities that can strengthen family’s bond. That’s why it’s important to go outdoor occasionally, especially since there are many campgrounds across Australia to enjoy. Here are some:

Byfield National Park

Surrounded by woodlands with near access to the beach, you are truly one with nature when you go to Byfield National Park. There are also facilities that you can use depending on your choice. Just call the office ahead of time to settle permits and fees.

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park

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Camping at this place gives you access to the most loved scenic spot in Australia. Aside from the limestone and sea cliffs, you can also enjoy the waves that are popular for tourists.

Cape Range National Park

If you’re looking for a camping place where you can have a close encounter with birds and fish, then Cape Range is the place to go. Just book ahead of time to get the best spot.

Lane Poole Reserve

Set up now the camper trailers because you can’t resist the beauty of lane pool reserve. There are nine different camping sites that you can choose from. Visit their website for bookings.

Mitchell River National Park

This is the perfect place for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. To get there, you need to canoe or raft down to the Gippsland Lakes. Check their website for schedules.

Cape Tribulation, Queensland

Embrace nature and visit Camp Tribulation. There are many activities you can do and even have a chance to visit one of the oldest rainforests on the planet. You can also go kayaking, surf of swim on their beach.

Francois Peron

Families can’t help but loved this Francois Peron National Park. It is just six kilometres off the Monkey Mia Road and offers plenty of camping facilities and activities like a swimming, close encounter with manta rays, turtles and sharks.


Onsite coordinator ensures that the kid and your friends can have fun all they long. You can go hiking or camp out under the stars.

There are so many great camping spots in Australia, so what are you waiting for? Check some camper trailers, choose where to camp and enjoy!

The Perfect Destination In Gold Coast Using A Limo

Almost each one of us loves to travel and enjoy the world, who doesn’t? Exploring a different place brings us a new perspective, and helps us see the world on a different view. It is one thing that we need to do at least once in our lives. Travelling is addicting, and sadly we can do this rarely as we have different things to fulfil every day.

If you are in Australia and wondering where to go, then Gold Coast is a good choice. What makes it better is getting Gold Coast tours for a once in a lifetime experience.

Gold Coast is famous for its world renowned- beaches, rainforest walks and waterfalls activities. Surfers all over the world enjoy the all year round sunshine and where you can enjoy the water and the breathtaking view. Aside from this, this city is full of fun and excitements as different of adventures are just around the corner. There are amusements and theme parks, zoos, sanctuaries, wildlife park, and endless water activities.

Surfers Paradise

As one of the most famous beaches in the world, this place will give you a lot of relaxation and the laid back atmosphere. And while you’re decompressing of all your stress, then a limo hire when in Gold Coast will make you more enjoy the city shops, cafes and lively nightclubs. The panoramic ocean and city views while in a luxury cars is a memory you won’t surely forget.

Amusement and Theme Parks

Get the adrenaline adventure from these theme parks! Whether you’re travelling alone, friends or family a limo hire while in Gold Coast will let you experience entertainment at its best. Some famous theme park destinations are Warner Bros Movie World, White Water World, and Infinity Attraction.

Local Foods

People say that you won’t experience the city if you won’t try the local delicacies they offer, and a limo hire in Gold Coast will make you enjoy the city from its coffee shops, breweries down to those sophisticated restaurants. Some local specialities are sea foods like calamari, scallops, and more.

More than anything, pampering yourself and being happy are what you need to achieve when in vacation. This will help you to be a different person as you interact with the locals and get to know their stories. It will also bring you knowledge in a most unexpected way, so whether you’re heading up from East to West just remember travelling life is all about challenges and joy.

6 Ways To Make Your Toowoomba Accommodation Memorable

Travelling is fun. Finding new places to explore, events to experience, and culture to immerse in for a brief moment is indescribable.

Toowoomba has many things to offer to travellers. This city boasts of scenic parks, rare museums, and fertile gardens that delight everyone’s senses and definitely fill a person’s wanderlust. But the challenge for every traveller is how to preserve their expedition in memory to last a lifetime.

While selfies and videos shot in GoPro or DLSRs are becoming the norm in keeping your memorabilia, there are more creative ways to keep your Toowoomba accommodation a moment to remember for a lifetime.

Toowoomba Accommodation

Create a scrapbook – This practice may be outdated, but nothing can replace the feeling of seeing physical proofs of your Toowoomba adventure. Paste tickets, receipts, postcards, printed photos, and other tiny artefacts and souvenirs from your trip. Paste the items in chronological order or by categories to make remembering the events easier. Start creating it at the hotel you are checked in to make your travel log more accurate.

Collect local items in your destination boxes – For bigger items that cannot be pasted on your scrapbook, you can collect them in destination boxes. Put in it keychains or other local handicrafts. For best effect, include twigs or branches, petals and other natural materials that record the distinct local smell.

Video the unusual – Forget selfies and self-videos about the landmarks and most popular sites during your vacation. Instead, focus more on finding the oddities and outliers in the city. Do not worry about the famous tourist spots; you can find many photos or videos of them online.

Print your social media posts and photos – You can collect your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media channels to make them more tangible, hence more realistic. This practice gives you a better impression that you “own” your posts and not just one of the ordinary post.

Has your favourite travelling moment sketched or painted? Works of art last for ages. There is something in the artistic rendering of your portraits that makes it stand out in comparison with ordinary studio shots. Give your travel escapade that same effect and longevity by having it sketched or painted by artists.

Write a travel blog – Treat your blog as a travel journal open for your friends and the rest of the world to read. You can also post images and videos of your vacation and other adventures in this wonderful city.

Island Vacation

With how the world works nowadays, the best bet for anyone is to get most of something that can be exchanged for something that he or she needs; which, in a nutshell, is money. The term “making money” is commonly used to describe earning money. This is through jobs, selling, investments or loaning. But the most common way for someone to earn money out of the four mentioned is through jobs. And almost all jobs, whether it be requiring physical strength or knowledge and intellect, it takes a lot of hard work and time out of the person who is working. And time is a very big factor in a person’s life.


Unlike school, which someone has to do before they are qualified for work, workers have less free time, since they have to work Monday to Friday, and they don’t have such things as summer or winter break. Long breaks that usually last for two months are given to people who either work overseas or have very extreme jobs such as soldiers and seamen. But they do still have holidays in which they can relax, and most importantly, spend time with their family. And a great way to do both of those things is away from home, at a fancy hotel or restaurant. Saving money is still one of the things that a worker has to keep track of, since they have to provide for their families such as for food, shelter, education, etc. So going out on a holiday vacation while saving money is not going to be easy. Fortunately, there are a few establishments out there that provide all these things, and help their clients save money by reducing what they have to spend.

The Holiday packages Fiji  that provides lodging at hotels or resorts at a reduced price during holidays, with sales reaching up to 50%. Now, since workers can usually spend time with their family during holidays and they still have to save money, Fiji makes it very convenient for them. With properties in different places in the world, such as Denarau, Nadi, Suva, Laotoka, Savusavu, Pacific Harbour and many more. Notice how these places have relaxing atmospheres, being near a breezy area and all. This helps the family relax, and they also provide them with special services and areas. These specials include:

• Welcome drinks on arrival
• Free Wi-Fi
• Comfortable accommodation
• Outdoor areas
• Half the price of a hotel

Not only do they make the accommodation and costs convenient for them, they also make the booking convenient too. With an online site with the link: http://www.flightcentre.com.au/holidays/fiji, anyone can book at any of their properties that they want to vacate at. With an island’s feel at an actual island, they guarantee that an afternoon spent at the clear-blue island waters will feel like a whole day’s worth of rest and relaxation. Apart from the sale, they also have properties that have either higher or lower the price of others, so that they can go to the resort that bests suits and budget and more.

Why Choose To Dive In Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a coastal town located in the north western part of Oriental Mindoro, located in the country of Philippines; know by most as one of the most premiere dive spots in the Philippines. Listed among the most beautiful bays in the entire world and ranked as one o the best diving spots and has risen to the list for a number of reasons, being a marine sanctuary is one of them. It has around thirty diving centers in the island, primarily in White Beach and Sabang Beach; catering all thee diving equipment and needs for both the tourists and residents.

Puerto Galera listed to be one of the most beautiful diving spots or destination in the country of Philippines, and known as one of the top tourist spots in Asia as a technical diving location. Also, the island is known for its wide range of pocket beaches and a good spot for snorkeling and obviously diving.

As stated above, Puerto Galera is a marine sanctuary, carries both excitement and joy to divers, may they be new to the location or a resident diver in the area, there will always be a list of new beauty in everyday that the island may bring; marine life, nice variety of corals which are soft and hard ones.

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There are primarily two destinations in the place, based on what they could offer to the tourists, namely Sabang Beach and White Beach. Sabang beach known for an active nightlife which obviously is preferred by most tourists and White Beach on the other hand is much more preferred by local travelers or residents. Nonetheless both offer an active night life which most if not all are keen to join.

Aside from the above mentioned reason most if not all, the tourists prefer the Puerto Galera Philippines is because of the small wrecks that divers can see and get a feel of, wrecks from World War Two Japanese marine vessels. Such that adds another excitement to new divers in the island where the typical way to earn is by fishing, which is something that residents do not retaliate about, for the reason being that residents earn bigger from the tourism economy of the province.

The said reputation of Puerto Galera has helped the local municipality to raise jobs for their residents and give them a better grasp of what tourists and or tourism can bring to their municipality.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Puerto Galera or looking a property to buy, inquire here.

Short Tour Packages Offered For Your Enjoyment

For those who prefer to travel in a short amount of time in a certain area during their tour, getting the right package for that is the best choice. It can help you take a short vacation that’s worth the short amount of time, and at a price that’s considered as a great money saver. These courts can last for an hour or two depending on the type of tour that you want. However, you should also take note that your plan to Swim with Hump Back Whales is not included in this type of tour.

Still, these will give you a decent adventure under the water. Rest assured that you will still have a lot of fun once you choose one or all of the following tours:

Coral Viewing

This package usually lasts for two hours and is one of the most regular tours that you can take as it’s available daily. You will be able to take a view of the reef under the clear sea once you take a ride on the boat. The corals are not just all about the wonderful display of colorful corals; there is also a wide variety of fishes swimming along the corals, too.

Afternoon Tour

If you want to make your tour more magnificent and worth the view, be sure to take a tour during the afternoon where the sunset happens. This isn’t offered daily, but is one of the cheapest tours that you can take. You go for a boat cruise around the seas for two hours so then you can gaze on the sunset and get back in the evening. You can even also drink some wine or other beverages on this tour as well.


Snorkeling can also be included on the tour if you want to get close to the fishes and other animals present in the island. This is even discounted if you want to go for some snorkeling while you take the coral viewing package. Rest assured that you will be amazed as you get near the wonderful garden of corals and fishes under the sea.

Turtle and Fish Feeding

For more fun, you can also feed the turtles and the fish on the corals. It’s really nice to look at turtles and fishes munching on the food that you provide to them as it gives you a nice feeling since you helped them. The crew will take care of the feeding method and the food that you can provide so then you will learn how to do it by yourself throughout the tour.

Every Kind of Fiji Holiday

Fiji is known for its crystal blue waters and amazing scenery. But more than this, it is a perfect destination for holidays because it offers a lot of activities for all kinds of holiday goers whether couples, adventure-seekers, or cultural explorers, Fiji sure has what you need.

Fiji Holidays for couples: For the romantics, Fiji honeymoon is great for couples. It is a perfect destination. When in the island the couples can choose to stay in one of the values which have the perfect ambience for a honeymoon and offers enough privacy for you to have a great time with the one you love. When couples prefer to do more than a stay-cation, they can have a boat ride to a smaller island, the Sand Quay, a popular destination for romantic picnics or choose other romantic getaways which are actually reserved for one couple at a time.

Fiji Holidays for cultural explorers: For people wanting a taste of the rich Fiji culture, Sigatoka and Pacific harbour is the places to be. In Sigatoka, people can join the Kava ceremonies and drink the traditional Fiji drink watch dances and fire walking performances scheduled weekly. They can also go to local churches or for those who are brave enough go on a river safari. In Pacific Harbor, people can learn about the different art forms in Fiji and can shop for souvenirs at the Arts Village. Different shows are also scheduled here including Fijian Meke dances and Fiji legends.

Fiji Holidays for the adventurers: For the thrill-seekers, Savu Savu is where they should go. It is a diving spot which features the “soft coral capital of the world”. Here divers can see more than 1000 kinds of fish, a really beautiful sight to behold. Shark diving is also available for those who want more thrill. And for those who are still not certified, Savu Savu have diving facilities that offer a short course with a PADI certification. Snorkelling is also available for people who do not want to dive.

Fiji Holidays for families: Denarau island is the best place for families. In this island, families can book multi-room accommodations with different amenities perfect for families working within a budget. Aside from this Denarau has a Kids Club where children under 12 can play and dine with a certain amount of discount. There are also kiddie pools. For the adults, Denarau offers golf and racquet clubs.