The Do’s And Don’t Of Hair Transplant

Everyone wants to look always at their best, thus others are trying out different available procedures that can help them achieve that. One of the most popular beautification or self enhancement is hair transplant.

Hair loss is almost common to people, it can be from stress, pollution, disease or sickness or ca be from genes, thus hair transplant is being recommended to ensure that all will be placed back to normal to those who are losing their confidence just because of their hair.

Moving on, before you decide running to clinics, it is better if you know the do’s and dont’s of hair transplant.

Do’s of hair transplant

Do ask someone to send you the clinic before the procedure and bring you home after. You may not be able to do it yourself due to anesthetic sedative used to relieve the pain you have during and after the surgery and as well to relax your body. The sedatives may still be present to your body even the time you need to go home, thus better ask someone to assist you.

Do remember everything that your doctor has instructed. The hair transplant clinic Brisbane will give you instructions on what you need to do to make sure that your bruises will get better the soonest and give you clearer instructions on which medications you need to take or apply to your bruises and properly using it.

Do keep your scalp dry, make sure that your scalp is free from fluids, even moist, including perspiration.

Do return to your doctors clinic days after the procedure. Ask your doctor, when is the best time for you to go back to him or her.

Do get the clinic’s contact number. Make sure that you have the clinic or if possible, the doctor,s contact number. This will give you a chance to call them in instances that you need to seek for their advice or anything of the like.

Dont’s of hair transplant

Do not let yourself exposed to direct sunlight, few days after the procedure. Do not let your scalp be exposed to sunlight especially during the times that your scalp is still swollen.

Do not engage yourself to activities that may lead you sweat excessively. Excessive sweating may give your bruises longer time to heal.

Do not eat spicy foods! Eating spicy food will not just put you to sweating, but as well as, delay the healing process of your bruise.