Blinds vs. Shades: Which Is the Better Choice?

Have you ever been caught in a tight spot, especially when it comes to deciding on what to use for your windows?

Blinds are “hardy” window covers. They often have wooden vanes or slats and those made of aluminium or vinyl. They may be vertically or horizontally placed. Shades, on the other hand, are made of fabric and rather soft material.

You must consider the following factors when sourcing for the right window treatment:

  1. Amount of light and your privacy

You will generally be prompted to control light in certain rooms of your house. If you want to experience flexibility when it comes to your privacy and light control, blinds are the better option. They can either be tilted to open and close or they may be lowered or raised conveniently.

Shades, however, can only be lifted or lowered to achieve light control and are dependent on the material’s type and colour. Shades range from the minimal light blocking materials to the total light blocking material.

  1. The climate in your area

The climate at any given area affects the amount of heat and light available at that point. The rooms that face the west or the south tend to receive more light. The summer season and the Southern climates often have more light and heat. For this, it is better to use shades that can trap cold or heated air by the window.

  1. Architectural design of your house

There are remarkable architectural designs that coordinate with wood blinds and/or shutters. The immaculately tailored window covers complement your rather masculine and classical interiors. If you desire a feminine look, consider using window shades.

It is advisable if you infuse varied materials to the décor of your room. A balance can be achieved by a proper blend of hardy material like stone, wood, tiles and metal and the softer material like the shades fabric.

  1. Your viewing points

If you enjoy viewing the scene beyond your house, you better choose wisely. Completely retractable shades or blinds with bigger slats are a better option. They will provide a larger viewing point when opened. Choose wisely.

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