Benefits Of Using Ceramic Cookware

Our ancestors use ceramic cookware in preparing their food. Ancient civilisations like the Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese all use clay pots in cooking. Even though they are way cruder than the modern versions, they still provided the same health and other crucial benefits as the present-day version.

Here are some of the benefits of this type pans and pots:

Can withstand extreme heat – These cooking instruments can be used at very high temperatures that can even melt metals.

Even heat distribution – Pans and pots of this type has the capacity to distribute heat evenly all over their surface.

Durable – Except for its susceptibility to breaking into pieces due to falling, it is very durable in such a way that it is not prone to corrosion and chipping of the coating. It is also robust and scratch resistant.

Non-stick – Its enamel finish prevents food from sticking to its surface. You only need a little or even no oil for frying and baking.

Easy to be cleaned – Its non-stick surface makes it easy to clean. You will rarely use metal scrubs and other abrasive materials to remove food particles and residues. It’s coating also rarely scratches and peel off.

Versatile – Because of its many features They can be used on all heating surfaces, including in microwave ovens.

Attractive aesthetics – Ceramics can be coloured and designed differently. Just see the brilliant looks of teapots and pans of Ancient China, which are now worth millions. They were fashioned in various designs and coated in various colours and textures.

Non-reactive – This quality makes this type great for securing the flavour and taste of the ingredients. They are best used for storing your meals in refrigerators as they can keep them fresh with their original taste intact. The surface of metal cookware types can produce a chemical reaction in the ingredients of your meals. This reaction can result in a metallic taste in your food.

Environment-friendly – They are made of natural materials and are free of toxic materials such as PFOA or PTFE (used for a non-stick coating that is found to be toxic if they are scraped), cadmium and other metals.

This ceramic cookware is easy to use. This will help you cook food with less oil because of its enamel finish.