Travel Accommodations – Where Do You Want to Stay?

When you travel, you have the latitude to stay in one of a variety of settings from a grand resort to a small, boutique hotel. You might even choose an apartment or villa, depending on your travel plans and the number of people traveling in your party.

The options listed above represent only some of the types of accommodations you can pick while traveling. The following definitions can help you short-list your accommodation choices when planning a vacation or holiday.

The Classic Hotel

A hotel is an establishment that offers a traveler paid accommodation as well as guest services. Depending on its location, size, and amenities, hotels are usually rated from one to five stars or graded with letters from A to F. The grading system just depends on where you stay in the world. You can find travel packages that include upscale or moderately priced hotels within the offering, which can make more expensive rooms more affordable.

The Hostel

A hostel is ideal for someone who is on a budget or likes to backpack. This inexpensive accommodation features communal facilities and shared bedrooms.


A motel puts the word “retro” back into traveling, as it was originally created for motorists who needed roadside accommodations when traveling with the family by car. These types of accommodations are designed to give the motorist a place to rest and are furnished with minimal amenities.


In the tourism industry today, the term cottage is defined as a small holiday or vacation home that is usually located in a rural location.



You will see many chalets available to travelers who embark on ski holidays. Chalets are Alpine-style buildings that are frequently located in mountain resort locations.

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are frequently furnished in a thematic and individual style. The accommodations are intimately sized and concentrate on supplying guests with personalized and upscale vacation or holiday stays.


Lodges can refer to small rural houses used by people on vacation or holiday or define accommodations that are occupied on a seasonal basis by sporting enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, hunting, or skiing.


Although a resort is mainly known as a destination that is frequented by people on holiday or vacation, the term also extends to full-service hotel establishments that feature recreational facilities or extended guest services.


This type of accommodation is found in Morocco. A Riad is a classic Moroccan house that is designed around a courtyard. The establishment is frequently converted into a guesthouse or hotel.


Originating in Rome, a villa is usually described as a country residence, usually very luxurious in nature.

Ice Hotel

An ice hotel is a temporary hotel that is built from snow and ice in sub-freezing climates. You can enjoy this type of accommodation in many far north locations in the world.


Also referred to as a flat in the UK, an apartment is defined as a self-contained structure or unit that is located in a building that features a number of similar units.

Pop-up Hotel

This new type of accommodation is a temporary lodging establishment that is typically set up for a specific event.

Bed and Breakfast or B&B

A bed and breakfast is defined as an independently run establishment, usually in a home setting that serves breakfast to its guests.


An inn is a small establishment that offers overnight accommodations and food and drink to people on vacation or holiday.


A finca is a rural property in Spain that is characterized by classic architectural designs and supported by an agricultural heritage.


Popular in such places as Siberia, Turkey or Mongolia, a yurt is a circular and conical tent that is covered with felt or skins. Elaborate yurts offer luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms.