4 Things Your Real Estate Ad Must Have

When you’re advertising your real estate property online, you’d want it to have lots of views. Therefore, you must make it as attractive as possible without leaving out the important information. Here are four things you must include in your ad:

  • Pictures

Buyers would want to know what the property looks like. Since everyone has a mobile phone with a camera, it’s no surprise when your ad gets ignored if it doesn’t have pictures. You must choose to upload high-quality ones. If you put blurred ones, buyers wouldn’t hesitate to move to the next option. Besides, competition is very strong when it comes to advertising services. That is why you need to have quality pictures that will satisfy the buyers’ curiosity.

  • Contact Number

If you forget to put your contact number, how will the buyer contact you? They’ll be left looking confused as to why you put up an advertisement without a way of reaching you. If you don’t want to give your contact number, you can give your email and communicate with the buyer online.

  • Size

The size of the property needs to be indicated so that the buyer will know if it’s an ideal fit. For example, if you have a 20 sqm condo, his family of 5 probably won’t fit in it. It would also be ideal to reveal how many cars can fit in the garage.

  • Number of Rooms

The buyer must know how many rooms the property has so he can assign his family members to the rooms. Not only must the number of bedrooms be revealed but the number of bathrooms too.

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