4 Must-Haves for Every Homepage

Each homepage should leave a lasting impression on visitors that come across the site. Therefore, you must put all the important details about your company there. If you’re going to have a good website design company make your homepage, keep in mind these elements that you shouldn’t forget to place there:

1) Video

It is going to be a huge factor if you have a video there. There is a big chance the visitor will play the video when they go to the website. It is certainly one of the most effective ways of making an impression. It may cost a lot to make a good video but it will be worth it. The video should contain a brief history of the company and what it does. It is much easier for the user because they just have to sit back and relax while it is played. It is certainly more convenient for them instead of reading articles about the company.

2) Blog Highlights

Since your blog posts are the main attraction of your site, you must show highlights of it. Giving a preview of the blog posts would increase the chances of people reading them. If the visitor sees the blog post has an attractive title, they will certainly click the link. If they found the article informative, they will waste no time in sharing it with their friends via social media.

3) Services Overview

It is important to enumerate all the services your company offers. The visitor will find out if he can make use of your services. It will also make your site rank higher for those services on Google. It is important to have a picture beside each service so those who are not familiar with it will have an idea what it is.

4) Awards

If your company has received any awards, put them there. You know you worked hard to earn those awards so you have all the right to let everyone know you won them.

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