2 Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Videos Are On Point

It may appear that recording wedding videos is just a matter of having a good camera. On the contrary, there are a lot of considerations to be made, if at all you video will be likened by your clients.

Here we will look at two important considerations that can make your videos on point.


What people like about wedding videos is relative. So you cannot use your own assumptions to define what a client like. What then do you need to do? Of course communicate with the engaged couple.

This will help you understand what they want and do not want in their video. They will also tell you about the most important moments that they need captured. Sometimes, the couples may not be aware of what they need. Asking those specific questions such as their most important moments, whether they have surprises, could work in your favour. This can also make you stand out as a videographer.

Being informed about the event process such as the schedule, guests, wedding coordinator, and photographer is a plus. You can cooperate with them even in the simplest way such as getting along with them or collaborating with the photographer. With that, you are assuring of a smooth shooting process.

Part of communication is reaching out to the areas of the event such as the reception, the church and find out about any restrictions. For instance, if the reception is in a big hotel, the owners may require a proof of insurance from you before they let you shoot their premise. You see how making prior follow up can save you?

Video camera condition

Your camera must be on point. You have to check for any flaws and consider their remedy. For instance, if your camera’s battery is not long lasting, have extra batteries. Otherwise, you risk embarrassing yourself with a ‘dead camera’. You surely don’t want that! You can also have a charging station for the used batteries if necessary, to be on the safe side.

What’s the quality of sound recorded by your camera? If it is not effective, please ensure that you have external recorders.

A wedding videos consists of many varieties, from indoor to outdoor activities. So your camera needs to be able to handle the different occasions without distraction. Or else have different cameras that serve the occasions successfully.

Your communication skills and camera condition will greatly save your from shoddy work, earning yourself more clients in future.

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